Nokia announces new 4G and 5G Core network software solutions for mission-critical needs of enterprise verticals

Nokia announces new 4G and 5G Core network software solutions for mission-critical needs of enterprise verticals
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Nokia Core Enterprise Solutions target public safety and power utilities needs for private wireless networks covering large areas.

Nokia has announced new, optimised Core network software solutions for the field and wide area network (FAN/WAN) needs of public safety and power utilities, expanding the portfolio range available to large, mission-critical enterprises and governments, and reflecting Nokia’s deeper push into driving continued leadership in private wireless.

Nokia Core Enterprise Solutions are based on the company’s widely deployed Core products and optimised to help enterprises take advantage of secure carrier grade capabilities and digitalise their network infrastructure to realise increased automation, productivity and efficiency.

The addressable market for Core networks solutions in the enterprise FAN/WAN private wireless communications space is expected to increase 50% and reach €1.5 billion by 2027 from approximately €1 billion today, according to Nokia estimates.

Nokia Core Enterprise Solutions are an integral component of Nokia’s private wireless solution and designed for enterprises and governments that have networking requirements similar to a communication service provider. These new solutions are tailored to the specific mission-critical network needs of public safety and power utilities, and include highly optimised footprint and operational requirements and streamlined deployment and support.

The solutions, expected to be commercially available later this year, provide unified 4G and 5G data, voice and subscriber/device management capabilities, and create streamlined adoption paths across technology and application generations. These include use of broadband-enhanced communication tools for public safety and the introduction of IoT in power utilities.

Ken Rehbehn, Principal Analyst at CritComm Insights, said: “A select set of government and business operations provides essential safety, energy and transportation functionality required for a safe society and robust economic growth. These organisations have a unique requirement for wide area wireless operations across sweeping geography with secure, ubiquitous and high-quality connectivity enabled by private 4G and 5G networks. Nokia’s pre-integrated, sector-optimised mission-critical core network solutions can reduce risk and help speed challenging wide area private network deployments.”

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