Overcoming Europe’s top 3 grid infrastructure challenges

Overcoming Europe’s top 3 grid infrastructure challenges
Image Credit: Smart Energy International

Michelle Lesh, Alfen’s Chief Commercial Officer, and Yves Vercammen, Country Manager for Alfen Belgium, shed light on Europe’s top 3 grid infrastructure challenges.

With her vast expertise in the global energy industry, Michelle offers valuable insights into the challenges we face in our grid infrastructure and explains how Alfen’s solutions can overcome them.

Specifically, she discusses the growing demand for renewable energy sources and the need to accommodate them in the existing infrastructure, as well as the increasing adoption of electric vehicles and the challenges it poses to the grid, along with the growing concern for grid stability and security.

Yves shares practical examples of Alfen’s solutions in action to overcome these challenges.

Watch the full video interview below.

This interview was filmed in November 2022 at Enlit Europe in Frankfurt, Germany

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