Home device channel for US smart meters

Home device channel for US smart meters
Image: Gridspertise

Gridspertise is partnering with STMicroelectronics to introduce the ‘Chain 2’ in-home device channel in its smart meters for the US and other markets.

The Chain 2 technology in STMicroelectronics’ latest PLC system-on-chip has been integrated into Gridspertise’s smart meters for Italy already. Now the two companies are partnering to extend the technology to new metering solutions in the Gridspertise portfolio, making it suitable for the US and other geographies.

Chain 2 is a near real-time cyber-secure communication channel to integrate energy consumption monitoring with smart home devices and home management systems and that can improve awareness of energy consumption and self-production.

As such it can enable a multitude of new enhanced services that simplify energy usage through home automation.

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For example, the technology enables recommendations to the end customer for tailor-made behaviours based on real-time data production from self generation system such as solar PV panels.

It also enables the smart meter to collect real-time data on home appliance consumption that can be used, for example, to modulate the charging power of an EV charger according to the available capacity and other demands for power in the house.

“Working together with other key industry leaders is fundamental to accelerating grid digitalisation and to promoting an active role for end users in the energy transition,” said Gianni Ceneri, Chief Technology Officer at Gridspertise.

“We are pleased to strengthen our strategic collaboration with STMicroelectronics leveraging shared best practices for the development of innovative solutions to serve an ever-increasing number of markets and bring benefits to new customers, starting from the US.”

In addition to Chain 2, Gridspertise and STMicroelectronics are collaborating in multiple other areas. Beyond working on ANSI C communication standard for the US market, the companies are cooperating for the adoption of the latest DLMS-certified standards into Gridspertise smart meters to further enhance interoperability and interchangeability between devices and systems.