Health Care Access

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ICAN believes that affordable, quality healthcare should be accessible to all people living in America. Unequal access to healthcare is a fundamental injustice in our society that has profound implications for families´ physical and economic security.

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ICAN fights for access to quality healthcare through campaigns to bolster public health care programs such as Medicaid, ensure access to community benefits from health insurers and hospitals, protect the rights of managed care enrollees, and achieve the just and equitable financing of our healthcare system.


Medicaid provides basic health care to 51 million Americans, including over 150,000 Idahoans. Medicaid is the only source of health insurance for 38 million Americans and it is under attack. Cuts to Medicaid are increasing the ever-widening health gap between people who can afford private health insurance and those who rely on public health coverage. When families fall into this gap, they become uninsured and are no longer able to afford doctor visits and prescriptions. »» more

Private Health Insurance Reform

More and more people are going without health coverage and fewer people who are insured have good insurance. The insurance companies are saying hospitals costs are going up, but the hospitals and doctors say it´s the insurance companies. We know we´re paying more for less, but we don´t even know how much more. It seems like no one´s minding the store, and we need our Department of Insurance to do that and the public to be informed. Right now, we´re all being left in the dark. »» more