Immigrant Rights

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The Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN) organizes for justice for all Idahoans, including Idaho´s immigrant communities, and many of ICAN´s members and leaders are immigrants.

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ICAN believes that all Idahoans, including immigrant Idahoans, are entitled to safety and security. This includes access to food, health care, and education - and also the right to an identity, justice on the job, and freedom from harassment and government abuse. Current immigration policies, which deny legal status to millions and divide families, put real safety and security out of reach for too many of us. Learn more about the problems with so-called guestworker programs.


ICAN has many accomplishments in advancing the rights of immigrants in Idaho and across the country:

  • 2003: Hosted the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride in Caldwell and Rupert
  • 2003: Mounted a photo exhibit on Idaho´s immigrants, "Shared History, Shared Hopes: A Photo Exhibit Documenting the Contributions, Struggles and Dreams of Idaho´s Immigrant Communities"

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

In 2006, ICAN and other immigrant rights organizations fought to pass comprehensive immigration reform and defeat enforcement-only legislation like HR 4437, the Sesenbrenner bill. Idaho´s Senator Craig was a key player in Washington who kept the Senate working toward comprehensive immigration reform. »» more

Support Idaho´s Students

Many students are held back from their educational dreams because of their immigration status. Forced to pay out-of-state tuition, three times as much or more, many immigrant youth have the doors to educational opportunities closed to them. »» more


In July 2005, workers were poisoned in an onion field in Caldwell, Idaho. A pilot had applied three pesticides to the field the night before the workers arrived, but had not notified the owner of the field. Twenty-nine workers were hospitalized. »» more


Immigration is an American Experience!

These posters were printed and placed in shops around Idaho.

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