Utilities Fairness

Below: Stopping Telephone Deregulation | Fighting Rate Hikes | PUC Rule Changes Campaign

Stopping Telephone Deregulation

ICAN is working to halt a proposed deregulation of telecommunications services and pricing that would leave Idahoans vulnerable to arbitrary rate increases and changes in service. The Public Utilities Commission has a critical role to play in ensuring access to affordable telephone services. If Qwest succeeds in pushing through deregulation, it will essentially take all the police off the roads and leave Qwest to drive without a license. ICAN will continue to monitor these issues and ensure that the voices of consumers are heard in this debate.

Fighting Rate Hikes

In the past two years, ICAN has successfully brought voice to the groundswell of opposition to double-digit rate hike proposals from Idaho Power and Avista. Through meetings, hearings and public actions, ICAN members have kept the heat on the PUC to act in the public interest and reduce the increases to a reasonable level.

PUC Rule Changes Campaign

In July 2004, ICAN submitted a formal petition for rule changes to the Public Utilities Commission. In the petition, ICAN proposed a number of improvements to the PUCīs customer relation rules, including extending the "winter moratorium" on shut-offs to cover the months of November and March (the moratorium currently runs only from December through February), expanding the medical certificate protection, and strengthening language access requirements. These changes would ensure fair protections for Idahoans in need of critical utility services.