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Expanding Eligibility for the State Childrenīs Health Insurance Program

Itīs time to ensure that all kids have access to health care.

The Problem: There are almost 44,000 uninsured kids in Idaho. Too often, uninsured children go without immunizations and primary care that all children need for healthy development. Health care is an essential part of all childrenīs future. Without it, they donīt grow and develop to their full potential. Denying children their health closes the doors to opportunity, leaving a harmful lifelong legacy.

The Solution: Expand SCHIP eligibility to include more children and to bring us closer to the goal of providing health care for all Idaho children.

Download this postcard, fill out the two copies and mail to:

Idaho Community Action Network
3450 Hill Rd
Boise, ID 83703

We will deliver them to the Governor and another legislator.