ICANīs Mission Statement

The fundamental mission of ICAN is to provide a voice for Idahoans committed to progressive social change and to develop the power necessary to create those changes. We are dedicated to the following principles: ŧ more...


poster that reads, your people, my people, their people, our people, U.S.

ICAN Members Join Night of 1000 Conversations!

On Thursday June 19th, ICAN members across the state joined the Night of 1000 Conversations, a national effort to highlight the erosion of civil liberties and civil rights occurring in the country.

"We had 20 people come to the dialogue. It was impressive. We watched a short film on the Iowa immigration raids and held a conversation about the bad practices that occurred. We also took action and signed pledge cards and send them to the Department of Homeland Security" --Millie Gaitan Gonzalez

ICAN organizes small business for health care reform!

From 2000 to 2007, the percentage of business with fewer than 200 employees offering health benefits dropped from 68 to 59 percent; business with fewer than 50 workers dropped the most. Additionally, by 2005, less than one of out of three Idaho businesses with fewer than 50 workers offered health insurance, far below that national average.

ICAN has vamped up its efforts and has launched a summer small business drive.

NWFCO logo

ICAN members gear up for the NWFCO Summer Conference!

Over 50 ICAN members will jam pack minivans, trucks, hybrids and hit the road to Seattle on Friday August 15th to attend the 2008 Communities Together: Grassroots Reshaping America, the NWFCO summer conference. ICAN leaders, young and young at heart, will participate in workshops about health care, youth organizing, race and immigration. Join us! For more information call the ICAN office, 208-385-9146.

Immigration Rally

ICAN members launch Voter Registration drive

"Today WE March, tomorrow WE Vote," was the chant of the large pro immigrant rallies in 2006 and 2007. Now itīs the 2008 presidential year and ICAN has launched an aggressive voter registration drive to register not only our members, but as many new potential voters. Become a volunteer and join our Democracy Project. For more information call Leo Morales, 208-385-9146x109.

ICAN members organize against racism in Lewiston.